The Queens of Quadara

Artwork: Astrid Scholte

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The queen with an iron backbone

Queen Iris

Quadrant: Archia

Age: 30

Time spent living in the palace: 15 years.

Personality: stubborn, head-strong, intense.

Weaknesses: pride.

Strengths: green thumb, focused, driven by logic and heart.

The queen with a heart of ice

Queen Corra

Quadrant: Eonia

Age: 25

Time spent living in the palace: 5 years.

Personality: unemotional, composed and level-headed.

Weaknesses: narrow-minded. 

Strengths: logical and calm.

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4DQ cards Stessa FINAL RGB.jpg

The queen with an open heart

Queen Stessa

Quadrant: Ludia

Age: 16

Time spent living in the palace: 1 year.

Personality: bright, loyal, loving and carefree.

Weaknesses: letting go of the past.

Strengths: Singing, elaborate disguises and hiding secrets.

The queen with an open mind

Queen Marguerite

Quadrant: Toria

Age: 40

Time spent living in the palace: 22 years.

Personality: smart, curious, caring.

Weaknesses: cares too much.

Strengths: intelligence, deduction and the art of map making.

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Keralie, Varin and Mackiel

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